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Learn about our birth tissue donation program

How donating your placental tissue after the birth of your baby can help wound care in others


The placental membrane is the inner layer of the placenta that surrounds your developing baby during pregnancy. This membrane creates the ideal environment for your baby to grow and develop. This complex membrane is a rich source of nutrients and growth promoting factors that manage cellular activity and has been used in medicine for hundreds of years to treat hard to heal wounds and burns. Indeed, it was used as a wound covering thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians.


Frequently asked questions

Where can I donate? (Participating Brisbane Hospitals)

  • We are just getting established as we are a new company and so we are currently in discussions with Brisbane based Hospitals about potentially collecting donated birth tissue from their facilities.
  • We will update this site with information once these partnerships are in place.
  • Please visit this site again soon to find out more.

Will I be paid for my donation?

  • Unfortunately no.
  • I t is illegal under Australian Law to pay for human tissue such as the donation of your birth tissue.
  • Your donation is a generous gift that will be used to help those with hard to heal wounds.
  • However, as a courtesy, Surgical BioFix are willing and legally able to cover the cost of your car parking or transport costs (up to a limit) should you require it. Please Discuss this with our Midwife while booking your appointment.

Are there any costs associated with donation?

  • No, you will not incur any costs associated with your donation.
  • Surgical BioFix covers costs associated with blood collection and testing and birth tissue collection following delivery.

Do I need to discuss this with my obstetrician?

  • Yes, please discuss this with your obstetrician at your earliest convenince.
  • If you would like more information about participating hospitals or have any questions please feel free to contact us using the "Contact Us" link on this page.

Who can donate?

  • Placental tissues (membranes) can be safely donated by consenting mothers, 18 years or older, undergoing full-term elective caesarean section deliveries of healthy babies.
  • Donating your placenta following the birth of your baby is a generous gift that we can turn into a product that can be used to help treat serious wounds in others.
  • Your placenta would ordinarily be discarded as medical waste, but you can instead elect to donate your placental tissue to be used in the treatment of wounds, wound research and the education of others.

Is it safe to donate?

  • Yes it is safe. Following informed consent and about a week prior to your scheduled c-section a Midwife will take a few samples of your blood for our Donor Services Team to test to confirm your eligibility to donate.
  • These tests are:
    • a screening process for communicable diseases; and
    • required by law for donations such as this.
  • Our Midwife will sit with you and conduct a thorough social and medical history interview that will be kept strictly confidential and only reviewed by specific members of our Donor Services & Medical Team. This is the same sort of interview you would have if donating blood.
  • The actual donation process is safe for both you and your baby. Your placenta will be delivered by your surgeon immediately following the birth of your child regardless of your intention to donate.
  • Our Midwife / nurse will collect your donated birth tissue from the operating theatre and prepare it for transport to our facility.

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