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Our product, Revita ,

the first of its kind in Australia


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Revita is a full thickness placental membrane allograft used in the treatment of chronic and acute wounds and surgical applications.


The placental membrane has evolved over millennia to create the ideal biologically active barrier between mother and fetus.


While most placental allografts capture one or two layers of the placental membrane, Revita is the only allograft processed with the Clearify process to preserve the complete placental membrane.


The patent-pending Clearify process results in a full thickness barrier membrane that is lyophilized (freeze dried) for excellent handling characteristics and growth factor preservation. 

Revita is:

  • Easy to apply during surgery.

  • Remains intact after fibroblast activity peaks.

  • Reabsorbs naturally and easily into the body.


What Makes Revita  Different?


The preservation of the amniotic intermediate layer is a vital part of the membrane present between the amnion and chorion layers.

The intermediate layer:

  • Acts as a cushion

  • Contains hyaluronic acid (HA) + collagen

  • Contains growth factors

  • Contains glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans

Uses for Revita :


Clinical applications include:

Wound Care

  • Diabetic Wounds

  • Venous / Arterial Ulcers

  • Pressure Ulcers

  • Burn Wounds

  • Plastic Surgery

To date, over 8751 signaling proteins have been measured in Revita


Revita contains many essential cytokines and growth factors including:
Revita Sizes and Ordering Numbers:
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